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Outside playhouse NEW

Children playhouse from company "Massiv-Drev" company is produced from natural material of pine wood.

  • Wooden playhose is specially designed for outdoor use, it is very easy to use and does not require any special care.
  • Specially designed for outdoor use, and theres no need to bring it indoors when its raining or snowing.
  • Stable construction made ​​of durable material will not make you worry about possible physical harm to the child.
  • All the wooden details are impregnated in autoclave with ecologically safe preservative Tanalith E (without chromium and arsenic). This kind of impregnation protects wood from rot and destruction up to 10-15 years without any additional protection.
  • Wood toners can be used to prettify the products with any other color.


wooden playhouse children playhouse children playhouse

игровые детские домикиchildren playhouseигровые детские домикиигровые детские домикиигровые детские домики

Dimensions of the playhouse-gazebo:

  • width 130 см
  • length 180 см
  • height 170 см


Детский игровой домик лазалка Детский игровой домик лазалка Детский игровой домик лазалка Габаритный чертеж детского домика
Outline drawing

Dimensions of the climbing playhouse:
  • width 211 см
  • length 386 см
  • total height 250 см
  • cabin height 150 см
Developed byArtisMedia Massiv-drev 2007, phones +375 1645 9-35-35; +375 29 861-861-3, office@massivdrev.com

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